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Rolls Royce Limousine for Hire Wolverhampton

For Phantom Limousine Bookings in Wolverhampton, look no further..

For a most memorable arrival at your special destination we are proud to offer the only genuine Rolls Royce Phantom limousine in the UK, a true classic in every sense of the word.

From proud grill to instantly recognisable “RR” and “Spirit of Ecstasy” icons, the aristocratic lines of this genuine Rolls Royce classic limo are as eye catching today as they have ever been.

A truly glamorous entrance often begins with the opening of a limo door, and when the limo is an immaculate Rolls Royce Phantom, it can seem almost regal. Wedding or Prom, Grand Theatre or Race Track, whatever the grand occasion, your entrance will be the centre of attention.

You and your entourage of (up to seven) VIPs will be ushered into the tasteful elegance of an interior designed for Royalty. After settling in and opening the champagne you will set off on a journey that will turn heads all the way to your destination and once there, your entrance will steal the show.

Wolverhampton is a city which appreciates its heritage. Victorian Clocks and Statues, Tudor Architecture and Ornate Ironwork Railings are lovingly preserved amid the metropolitan sprawl of shops and offices adorning the city centre. Imagine the stir as you glide through the city streets in a magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom limousine, and the gasps as you arrive at your destination.

Call us if you are interested in further information about our services. We have an experienced event management team who are always pleased to offer guidance, ideas and advice on all matters relating to your planned journey.

Together all the way with PLH Limo Hire. We aim to make your Phantom classic experience a truly memorable one.