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The Origins of The Phantom Limo

If you are looking for classic wedding car hire with a twist, in Birmingham and across the UK, our beautiful Phantom Limo could be the right car for you.

The Phantom Limo has its historical roots in the Rolls Royce Phantom I, which was first manufactured in 1925. This car was an upgrade from the Silver Ghost, and was itself superseded in 1929 by the Phantom II.

The car continued to be emblematic of luxury and style either side of the WW2, with the Phantom III ceasing production in 1939. The last car in this series was finished in 1941, but not delivered to its owner until after the war, in 1947.

The modern day Phantom (2003) won Top Gear car of the year in 2003, and is still iconic of a certain British grandeur.

The Phantom’s prestigious name and luxury specification makes it ideal for wedding car hire, and now we have the Phantom Limo – the only one available for hire in the UK.

Why choose the Phantom Limo

This unique car combines the serious class of the Phantom with the fun of a limo. With room for a party, the car makes a great choice for occasions of all kinds – high profile sports events, weddings, red-carpet appearances, birthdays, and celebrations.

With PLH Limo Hire you get the complete service: collected from your door by our uniformed chauffeur, the car will be fitted out with everything you need, from drinks to sound and internet connectivity.

Although based in Birmingham, we can provide the limo to you wherever you are, but remember to book fast – there is literally only one car available.

Find out more

You can browse our website to see great pictures of the car and for ideas for your party or wedding. Get in touch for any further information and to book.